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Package - 30 kg bags =R299.00 ea Coverage approx. 1 sq. meter for 10 kg`s  Excl. VAT and Delivery   (Qty discounts available)

Bulk 1 ton bags  R6,996.00-00 ea. Qty discounts available

Earth-seal is a granular/powder combination of minerals designed to seal/waterproof soil of any nature very effectively by mixing the product with the soil and compacting. When Earth-Seal is mixed into soil in this way and after water contacts the mixture, a complex reaction takes place making the soil Earth-Seal mixture a very effective, long lasting, waterproof layer.

Earth-Seal is perfectly safe and environmentally friendly and can be used in fish dams or other sensitive applications.

Earth-Seal can be use for the following ;

Farm dams/irrigation dams,Game and cattle watering dams,Fish dams,Ponds,Sealing dump sites,Toxic waste sealing,Settling dams or ponds etc.

Method 1.

1. Scarify or plough area to be treated to a depth of 100 to 150 mm

2. Remove all foreign material such as stones rocks rubble roots etc.

3. Ensure scarified soil is raked or smoothed and all clods are broken.

4. Moisture content of prepared soil is to be about 14%

5. Mark checker board style grid over entire area in 1 meter squares..

6. Into each square place 10 to 20 kg`s of Earth-Seal powder.

7. Using a suitable implement such as a disc plough. Plough into the soil, by riding up and down and then cross ways, all the Earth-Seal material.

8. Compact this mixture.

Embankments or steep sides can be hand packed with a mixture of Earth-Seal and soil at a ratio of about 1 part by vloume of Earth-Seal to 5 parts by volume of suitable moist compactable soil. Inlets and outlets should be protected with stone packing. In the event of protection being needed for the compacted layer, a loose bed of gravel can be strewn over the entire area to a depth of approx. 100 to 150 mm.

Method 2.

If an existing dam is leaking and the leak area is know simply cast onto the surface of the water directly above the suspected leak area approx. 100 kg`s of Earth-Seal for every 2 square meters to be treated.

This may have to be repeated if the leak does not stop immediately.

The Earth-Seal will be drawn into the fissure by the moving water and a effective plug will be created.

This method can be used for hard surface dams, reservoirs, pools etc.




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