Your genuine 1 coat paint.

Price – R1,998.00 (Smaller packages add 50%)Coverage approx. 240 sq. meters for 1 coat (R8.00/m sq) and 150 square meters for 2 coats.(R13.00/ m sq) Excl. VAT and Delivery



Kling-on is a well balanced water based PVA type of coating with excellent adhesion, waterproofing and opaque properties. Kling-On is uv stable, chip, blister, crack and peel resistant. Kling-On has extra ordinary dry film fungal resistant properties as well. Kling-On is a multi purpose coating and can thus be used on most surfaces such as roofs of all kinds, walls, metal, cement fibre products, etc. Although Kling-On can be used without primers or undercoats it is always a good idea to prepare the substrate sufficiently before hand, using good painting principals. Kling-On can be used both inside and outside and leaves a smooth semi-matt finish which is washable, tough and flexible. Kling-On displays the remarkable propensity to act as a thermal insulator and has excellent radiation repulsion capabilities.


Most shades can be blended ranging from light pastel shades through to dark colours. For specific decorative purposes universal tints can be used by the customer to suit his or her requirements.

Cosmo-Dec`s hi tech approach to it`s coating technology means we are always at the forefront when it comes to new innovative ideas.

Our coatings contain active ingredients that literally clean the air.

With Semi conductor low temperature nano absorption – SLANT- technology we modify our paint to interact with pollutants in the atmosphere rendering them as inertnitrates.(Salts)

Surface preparation
The substrate must be clean, dry and stable.

Kling-On is applied by brush roller or spray applicators. Equipment is cleaned with ordinary tap water. Brushes and other applicators should be washed with warm soapy water.

From 4 to 8 square meters per litre depending on the substrate.

One you`ve used Kling-On you won`t want to go back to other products.