Cosmo-Dec originated during 1991, with a single product – Therma-Masta.

Knowledge gained from manufacturing this complex and unique product allowed us to formulate new and innovative products such as Fire-Guard, Aqua-Mite, Aqua-Therm, Clean-Air, etc. for specialty applications.

To-day, 31 years on we manufacture more than 50 different types of construction chemicals out of our factory in Pretoria.

Our customers include large and well known institutions  such as Municipalities, Construction Companies, Agriculture and many more.

Our range of products are used for waterproofing, rust proofing, flooring, roofing, walling, timber, steel, fire retarding, mortar modification, cooling, adhesion, sealing, decoration and a host of other applications.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our products are aimed at conscientious customers who demand value for money and insist on quality and longevity.

We manage contracting teams where we apply the products for customers as well as give advice.

We are happy to share our many years of knowledge gained from manufacturing and contracting with our customers ensuring successful applications for all concerned.

We are continually adding new and improved products to our already impressive list and will look at developing new specialized products for customers, making us a customer driven innovative business.

Customer service is a non negotiable process for us and this concept is drummed into and readily accepted by our dedicated staff.

We offer a 24 our turn around on deliveries to most parts of South Africa as well as economical deliveries to all major cities and towns.

We also deliver anywhere  in South Africa be it the smallest town or Hamlet.

Our comprehensive web site www.cosmodec.co.za covers all aspects of our product range and services.