13Fire-Guard  Marvelous product (Accredited) for coating or soaking flammable substances or substrates to retard fire or flame spread. Suitable substrates include thatch roofs, or thatching grasswood, timber, cardboard etc. Package – 20ℓ. Price – R2,995.00 (POR for Contract and Agent discounts). Coverage on thatch – 80m². Far more coverage on solid substrates.READ MORE
14Flame-GuardSpecific very effective flame retardant for soft furnishings for application by Cosmo-Dec or self applied. Tested certified to “A” class standard – the highest rating. Package – 5ℓ and 20ℓ. Price (20ℓ) – R2,995.00. Coverage – 250m².READ MORE
33APyro-ShieldPyro-Shield is a flame and fire retardant, water based coating which leaves a smooth finish. Price – R2,695.00. Coverage – 100m².READ MORE