1Aqua-Mite (Waterproofing – dams, tanks, reservoirs, canals, roofs, parapets, walls, floors etc.)  Package – 15Kg`s, Price – R1,198.00  Colours R200-00 per pack extra. (Smaller packs add  50% pro rata). Coverage approx. 40 sq. meters for 1 coat (R25.00/m sq)  and 25 square meters for 2 coats.(R43.00/ m sq)  43READ MORE
1.A Astro-DecThermal insulating coating, smooth gloss surface easy to clean. For roofs wall any material. Package 20 Lt. and 5 Lt. price R1,750.00.00 Excl. VAT incl    Delivery. 5 Lt. containers R662.00-00 Delivery included for multiple containers only. Coverage 6 square meters per liter. Cost = R12-00 per square meter. 43READ MORE
2 Aqua-Therm   (Water proofer and thermal insulator in one.) All the properties of No.1 and No.42 combined. Price R1,698.00-00 Excl. VAT.  Package – 15 kg`s. Coverage 25 square meters per pack( 2 coats incl.) R70-00 per square meter. 43READ MORE
3Black-StopA truly remarkable product for the water proofingmoisture proofingdamp proofing, and a vapour barrier for any surfaceExcellent as a stone chip coating and for the treatmentof vehicle undercarriages, trailers etc. Marvelous rust protectorunder coat or primer onto any substrate. Such as pools, roofs, walls, metal surfaces etc.  Package – 20Lt. Price R725-00. 5Lt. price = R272.00 10READ MORE
4Body-Guard (Rust proofer and general protector for all ferrous metals, extremely tough and long lasting) Package – 15 kg`s, Price 1,249.00 (Smaller packs add 50%)Coverage approx. 45 sq. meters for 1 coat (R32.00/m sq)  and 25 square meters for 2 coats.(R50.00/ m sq)  43READ MORE
6Colourite  (Waterproofing stain for all mortar surfaces, no need to over paint, many beautiful colours) Package – 20 Lt, Price – R950.00 (Smaller packs add 50%) Coverage approx. 150 sq. meters for 1 coat(R7.00/m sq)  and 90 square meters for 2 coats.(R11.00/ m sq) 20READ MORE
7Conseal (Clear finishing sealant for stone, slastoslate, face bricks etc. excellent as a bonder or primer, exceptional waterproofer) Package – 20 Kg`s, Price – R1,350.00 (Smaller packs add 50%) S. Coverage approx. 100 sq. meters for 1 coat(R11.00/m sq)  and 65 square meters for 2 coats.(R15.00/ m sq)  10READ MORE
9Dead-End (Wonderful coating, specially good as a rust preventer on steel reinforcing in concrete, excellent as a under coat or primer for metal surfaces, bonding liquid etc.) Package – 20 Kg`s, Price – R1,750-00.00 (Smaller packs add 50%)Coverage approx. 250 to 350 sq. meters per 20 Lt. container –  12 to 18 square meters per  liter (R5-00 /m sq)  43READ MORE
10Earth-Seal (Sealingwaterproofing earth damsswimming poolsponds etc. while water is in or out, embankments, canals, trenches etc. also acts as a barrier for toxic land fills etc.) Package – 30 kg bags =R299.00 ea) Coverage approx. 1 sq. meter for 10 kg`s  Excl. VAT and Delivery Bulk 1 ton bags = R6,996-00 ea. Loose bulk prices also available. 10READ MORE
12Fibre-Guard (Water proofing and protection of fibrous materials such as woodtimber, thatchbambooreedsgrass etc. Package – 20 Kg`s, Price – R1,298.00 (Smaller packages add 50%) S  Coverage approx. 80 sq. meters for 1 coat (R14.00/m sq)  and 55 square meters for 2 coats.(R18.00/ m sq)  15READ MORE
17Hydrox(Damp proofing coating in powder form for damp areas such as basementsretaining wallsweather walls etc.) Package – 12 Kg`s, Price – R489.00 (Smaller packages add 50%)Coverage approx.475 sq. meters for 1 coat(R10.00/m sq)  and 25 square meters for 2 coats.(R14.00/ m sq) Undelivered prices. 15READ MORE

 (Additive for mortar to strengthen and waterproof same adds flexibilitytoughness etc) Package – 20 lt. Price – R1,750-00 43

.00 (Smaller packages add 50%)

18.1Joint-Seal For the sealing of expansion joints, crack, holes, etc. two pack system standard pack = 12 Kg`s Smaller handy man packs available. Price 499-00 per 12 kg. pack. for smaller packs add 50% to per kg. price. i.e. R50 per kg. Ex works 25READ MORE
21 Macadamite  Hardens and waterproofs gravel and sand roads, excellent as a sub base stabilizer reduces costs dramatically. Turns ordinary sand or gravel roads into a dramatically improved trafficable surface, long lasting, no dust, water runs off.) Package – 210kg containers, Price R89/Kg (Smaller packs add 50%) (Old name = Paradox) Coverage approx. 1 to 4sq. meter per kg for treatment.R18-00 per sq. meter) 15READ MORE
22Magna-Mite (Like Everbond) (versatile wet in the can, toughabrasion resistantchip resistantcrack and peel resistant coating for application to almost any surface as a protector, waterproofer, liner etc.) Package – 25 kg`s, Price R1450.00 (Smaller packs add 50%)Coverage approx. 75 sq. meters for 1 coat(R18.00/m sq)  and 50 square meters for 2 coats.(R26.00/ m sq) 30READ MORE
26Mr. Wonder-Fill (Multi purpose two pack system as an adhesive, filler, grouting cement, Coating for rust protectionwaterproofer and thousands of uses around office, home or factory. Extremely tough) Package – 15 Kg`s, Price R1150.00kg (Smaller packages add 50%) 25READ MORE
29Omni-Guard (Damp proofingsealingbonding new or old plasterexcellent as a primer for mortar.) Also waterproofs any fiberous material or porous material such as Polystyrene etc. Package – 20Kg`s, Price R675.00 (Smaller packs add 50%) Coverage approx. 60 sq. meters for 1 coat(R12.00/m sq)  and 40 square meters for 2 coats.(R18.00/ m sq) 43READ MORE
30Pangolin (Rubber textured coating, non-slip, clings to any surfaceexcellent waterproofer, liner, washable, does not crack, chip etc. suitable for floors walls, slippery decks or other trafficable surfaces. Package – 20 Lt.  Price R995.00 (Smaller packages add 50%)Coverage approx. 20 sq. meters for 1 coat (R53.00/m sq) 20READ MORE
36Rubberite  (Rubberized coating for all types of surfaces as a waterprooferrust protector, excellent chassis paint and chip stopper etc. Package 2Lt. Price R835.00 (Smaller packs add 50%)Coverage approx. 50 sq. meters for 1 coat(R16.00/m sq)  and 35 square meters for 2 coats.(R25.00/ m sq) 20READ MORE
44Water-Proof(A truly marvelous product for the waterproofingmoisture proofing or damp proofing of wood, thatch reeds, bamboo, cardboard, chipboard, paper planks, poles, timber, Masonitephenolic, polyurethanepolystyrene, or any porous material.) Package – 20 Lt. Price R995.00 (Smaller packs add 50%) w Coverage approx. 75 sq. meters for 1 coat(R11.00/m sq)  and 50 square meters for 2 coats.R18.00/ m sq) 10READ MORE
44.A Waterproofing Kit This clever innovation comprises a complete DIY kit in a box that includes all the necessary components for those small to medium waterproofing and repair jobs at home,farm and factory. (Waterproofing mastic (In re-sealable form), membrane, gloves, spatula, Silica, mixing vessel, cloth, sand paper, brush, stirring stick.)  Packaged in a 5 Lt. plastic container. Price – including delivery charges to any destination in SA- R599-00. Coverage – Up to 5 square meters. 33READ MORE
46Wood-Guard  A very good fourth generation water based varnish and protector for wood, timber, grass, thatch, fibrous material, reeds, bamboo, plant material etc. Variety of  beautiful colours and shades. Package 1 , 5 , 10 and 20 lt. containers. Price for 20 Lt. container – R 2,200-00 (Smaller packs add 25% pro rata.) Coverage approx. 8 to 16 square meters per liter depending on substrate. Cost per square meter approx. R11–00 20READ MORE
47Wood-Masta The best most cost effective waterproofing agent for wood, timber, or any fibrous or porous substrate. Solvent based generation 4.Package – 20 , 10, 5, and 1 liter containers. Price – R2,200-00 per 20 liter container. Add 25% for smaller packages pro-rata. 25READ MORE