We would be delighted to accommodate prospective agents.

This allows the agent to market and contract out most of the full range of Cosmo-Dec`s construction chemicals.

Your premises 
We assist if needed in identifying suitable premises for you or you can work from home. We detail the contracting side of your new business for you with  the necessary machinery .

New product  developments are automatically included in the agency  through a technology transfer agreement. We provide ongoing technical backup.

We allocate a specific geographical area to you depending on the extent of your endeavours. We share our marketing expertise with you by encompassing your  details in our  categories of advertising. We will train a selected representative for you in selling techniques including demonstrations etc. Your representative will be taught how to identify and approach potential customers. We teach you how and where to advertise your products. We provide ongoing support.
Not only can the products be sold  to your customers but also applied through contracting, a very lucrative aspect in it’s own right. We teach you how to apply the products for your customers as well as supplying you with the necessary application equipment. In short we teach you everything we know about the coating contracting industry, a veritable fortune in knowledge.

Contact us for more information regarding this unique opportunity to be financially independent, creative and self employed, and what’s more be responsible for your own destiny.