Package 20 Lt. and 5 Lt. price R1,750.00.00-00 Excl. VAT  and Delivery. 5 Lt. containers R662-00 excl. VAT and delivery. Coverage 6 square meters per liter. Cost = R15-00 per square meter.



 Astro-Dec® is a coating which is applied by brush, roller or spray applicators to the roof of the building or structure etc. and also to the walls, where necessary, for the purpose of cooling the building or structure dramatically.

Air temperatures measured inside buildings can drop by up to 15 degrees centigrade and temperatures of roof sheets or walls can drop by up to 30 degrees centigrade.

This exceptional thermal insulating coating is the very best available and encompasses the most modern approach to this technology utilizing an advanced  metalic, string oxidised, sulphonation complex to achieve it`s extraordinary properties.

Astro-Dec® shows excellent resistance to rust show through, leaves a gloss smooth finish to the substrate.

 Astro-Dec® has superior adhesion propensity, better opacity, extended coverage, higher cooling capacity and is also chip blister, crack and peel resistant and displays excellent rust fighting capabilities.

 Astro-Dec® is a liquid paint-like coating, radiation barrier, highly effective as reflector of radiation and a good thermal non-conductor (insulator) due to advanced technology employed and confirmed by SABS tests.

 Astro-Dec® is an exciting new development in paint or coating technology. The product is solvent based and consists of a coating containing a mixture of state of the art hi-tech  particles.

Astro-Dec® retains less dirt and is easier to keep Clean.

 Astro-Dec® can be applied by brush, roller or spray applicators. It is unaffected by ultra violet light, is acid resistant, waterproof, hard wearing, long lasting, flexible, impact resistant, etc.

 Astro-Dec® can be applied to ANY surface including galvanized iron without the necessity for an undercoat. (Although an undercoat from Cosmo-Dec is strongly recommended )

 Astro-Dec® has a wide variety of applications including factory and house roofs, poultry houses, pig sties, warehouses and shops.

 Astro-Dec® when used by the fresh fruit and vegetable industry helps to significantly reduce inside  storage temperatures, thereby prolonging shelf life which translates into huge financial savings.

 Astro-Dec® is a one pack system i.e. pre-mixed coating which has a prolonged shelf life. When applied outside in dry weather, the drying time will be no more than 30 minutes to the touch.


Colours;  White, Grey, Red, Blue, Green Yellow



  • Poultry houses
  • Seed warehouses
  • Pig houses
  • Fruit packing/processing sheds
  • Fresh vegetable sheds and warehouses
  • Tobacco sheds
  • Food wholesalers
  • Supermarkets
  • Cash and Carry wholesalers
  • Houses
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Clinics
  • Store rooms
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Convention centers
  • Dormitories
  • Grain silos  (Elevator roofs)
  • Astronomical Observatory Domes
  • Churches
  • Garages
  • Lodges
  • Lapas
  • Bus/Taxi ranks and shelters
  • Under cover out door markets
  • Halls etc. In fact any structure with a roof.



  • Thermal Insulator (Cools)
  • Acoustic insulator
  • Seals asbestos fibre roofs (Government regulations)
  • Waterproofer
  • Decorator
  • Rust Protector/Inhibitor
  • Prevents thermal shock, Roof bolts don’t loosen and rivets  don’t pop
  • Prolongs roof life by up to 300%
  • Non Toxic
  • Water Based
  • Easy to apply
  • Inexpensive
  • Long lasting
  • Combats climate change
  • Addresses climate crisis issues
  • Saves electricity
  • Saves energy
  • Prevents thermal shock to roof sheets, thereby ensuring no roof bolts popping or loose roof bolts which means prolonged roof life.


 Astro-Dec® applied to flat concrete roofs helps to prevent thermal shock here, to a remarkable degree thus putting an end to expansion and contraction of these structures which in turn prevents these roofs from cracking and leaking which is a feature of these types of structures. Architects, builders engineers etc. often go to enormous lengths  at great expense to achieve similar results on flat concrete roofs to what a simple application of  Astro-Dec will.

In-Situ applications, no need to stop production or interfere in any way with on going activities in order to apply  Astro-Dec®, Quiet interference free applications ensure this, no fumes, no problems!


Cosmo-Dec`s hi tech approach to it`s coating technology means we are always at the forefront when it comes to new innovative ideas.

Our coatings contain active ingredients that literally clean the air.

With  Semi conductor low temperature  nano absorption – SLANT-  technology we modify our paint to interact with pollutants in the atmosphere rendering them  as inert




  Surface preparation

The substrate should be clean dry and stable.


Application: Ensure that the surface is free of loose paint, dirt, grease, grime etc. and that it is dry prior to applying  Astro-Dec®. Apply by brush roller or spray applicators

When used in conjunction with Dead-End  Astro-Dec® achieves a 100% adhesion

as tested by SABS.

Coverage : 4 to 5 square metres per litre depending on the substrate and method of application.

Colour :   Astro-Dec® is available in most light colours


Technical Information


 Astro-Dec® is a wet in the can paint on coating with thermal insulating, rust preventing and other properties.


  • Reflectance….. …………….92%
  • k value…………………………0,4 Btu-in/hr/Ft.sq/deg. F
  • k/x……………………………….1,6 (x = mm)
  • r…………………….. …………..0,625
  • Emissivity…………………….0.9-0.96
  • Den……………………………..1,3 (Kg`s/Lt)
  • Deg F…………………………..0 – 212
  • Shelf life (Unopened) ……6 – 24 months
  •       Can reduce air conditioning installation and running costs by up to 25%
  •       Reduces thermal shock by up to 50%
  •       Increases rust onset and degradation time by up to 300%
  •       Prolongs substrate life by up to 300%
  •       Increases live carry capacity by at least 25% (Chicken house)
  •       Decreases heat stress mortality by more than 90% (Chicken house)
  •       Winter inside temperatures increase
  •       Summer inside temperatures decrease by up to 30%
  •       Roof temperatures drop by up to 50%
  •       Excellent waterproofing properties.
  •       Aesthetically pleasing


Table 1: Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) for Typical Roofing Materials



         Example SRI Values 

    for Generic Roofing








Reflectance Index (SRI)

                      Gray EPDM0.230.8768F21
      Gr            Gray Asphalt Shingle0.220.9167F22
                     Unpainted Cement tile0.250.965F25
                     White Granular Surface


                      Red Clay Tile0.330.958F36
                     Light Gravel on Built-Up Roof0.340.957F37
                   White-Coated Gravel on built-up              up   Roof0.650.928F79
                   White EPDM0.690.8725F84
                   White Cement Tile0.730.921F90
                    Astro-Dec – 1 Coat0.80.9114F100
                    Astro-Dec 2 Coats0.850.919F107

Source: LBNL Cool Roofing Material Database. These value are for reference only and are not for use as substitutes for actual manufacturer data



Thermal Insulation Coating.

Test report 7222/ 2090038/v 76

Product was tested for: 

Heat absorption of air inside treated  and non-treated containers.

Adhesion of thermal coating.

Test methods:

Adhesion – requirements in accordance with SABS ISO 2409 : 1992
Two containers – one coated one non-coated.
Inside temperatures measured with thermocouple at 1 hour intervals
Between 11:00 and 15:00.

Test window:

12 April 2002


Adhesion – 100 % adhesion, no loss.

Inside Temp – Temp in coated container is always lower than uncoated by approx. 18%
As ambient temp. drops air in coated container drops slower thanuncoated container confirming insulating properties

Air Conditioning FAQ

Costs are in AUS$
Multiply by 7 for ZAR
Use a rule of thumb of about 600 Btu per square meter of floor area to be air conditioned

9000 Btu of cooling output equates to 2.64 Kw of cooling wattage which requires 1000 watts of electrical input which will cost about R0.75 cents per hour.

The above electrical consumption costs don`t take into account maintenance or initial installation costs which can increase the above savings by a factor of 3

1 Kg of air is about 850 liters in volume

The specific heat capacity of air is about 1 –  i.e it requires about 1 KJ to  heat 1 Kg of air by 1 deg.C

1 KJ is approx. .95 BTU

Air conditioning costs calculator

Air conditionng electric running costs http://michaelbluejay.com/electricity/cooling.html

Astro-Dec in action