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Klyptonite is a very special pre-mixed light weight mortar to which water is added on site. The resultant mixture can then be used for moulding light weight produce such as baths, basins, pavers, wall panels, ceiling panels, blocks, bricks etc. Fibre-Light can also be used as a plaster that displays a minimum or no propensity to crack due to thermal shock. Fibre-Light can be colour tinted to give truly beautiful earthy and other finishes.

Light weight, strong, withstands thermal shock, (Excellent thermal insulating properties) can be waterproofed with an additive which will provide additional strength, flexibility etc.

Surface preparation
For plastering as with normal plaster procedures. The substrate should be clean, dry and stable, also sometimes keyed if needed and a bonding liquid can be used if necessary.

This is a straight forward volumetric arithmetical function of the product of the area to be covered and the thickness of the plaster.

Examples of Fibre-Light plaster

Products moulded with Fibre-Light mortar.