Package – 20 Lt., Price R1148.00. (Smaller packages add 50%)Coverage approx. 100 sq. meters for 1 coat(R10.00/m sq) and 65 square meters for 2 coats.(R15.00/ m sq) Excl. Vat and Delivery

Roof- Masta is a water based, uv resistant exceptional roof paint for any type of surface, such as cement tiles, coated metal tiles, corrugated steel, cement fibre, (asbestos) etc. Roof-Masta is tough, chip, crack, blister and peel resistant and comes in a variety of colours. Roof-Masta displays substantial waterproofing characteristics as well as rust inhibiting powers on metal substrates. Acoustic insulation is another of Roof-Masta`s properties as well as it`s thermal insulating capabilities. Roof-Masta could be the coating of choice for sealing now redundant asbestos fibre roof and other products rendering them safe for the environment.

Cosmo-Dec`s hi tech approach to it`s coating technology means we are always at the forefront when it comes to new innovative ideas.

Our coatings contain active ingredients that literally clean the air.

With Semi conductor low temperature nano absorption – SLANT- technology we modify our paint to interact with pollutants in the atmosphere rendering them as inert


Surface preparation
The substrate should be clean, dry and stable before application of Roof-Masta.

Brush, roller or spray applicators. Wash equipment with water. Dilute Roof-Masta if necessary with small amounts of water.

5 to 6 square meters per liter.

Most colours can be blended.