Price 499-00 per 12 kg. pack. For smaller packs add 50% to per kg. price. Ex works..



Joint-Seal is a two component system for the sealing of expansion joints etc. in concrete substrates, slabs, pathways, walk ways, floors, parking areas, parking garages, pools, dams, ponds, canals, etc. for the purpose of sealing and waterproofing.

Joint-Seal can be used under water, permanently ponded water or where there is occasional or no water.

Joint-Seal components: Pack one consists of a blend of flexed porcelain ceramic and mineral powders. Pack two is a liquid plastic mixture. Add small amounts of liquid to a chosen amount of powder and mix until a workable paste is formed.

Once mixed Joint-Seal cannot be stored and must be used within 30 minutes.

Work previously mixed Joint-Seal into holes, cracks or joints and compact slightly until a smooth surface is achieved.

Joint-Seal can be supplied in various colours

Joint-Seal comes in 12 Kg packs consisting of 10 kg`s of powders and 2 kg (Lt.) of liquid.

Smaller packs are also available for the handy man.