Magna-Mite (Like Everbond)

Package – 25 kg`s, Price R1250.00 (Smaller packs add 50%)Coverage approx. 75 sq. meters for 1 coat(R16.00/m sq) and 50 square meters for 2 coats.(R23.00/ m sq) Excl.VAT and Delivery.

Magna-Mite is a wet in the can, one component, multi purpose coating or liner suitable for occasional water contact, permantly ponded water and damp wall applications etc. Magna-Mite is a viscous dispersion utilizing the latest chemical inovations in blend. Magna-Mite is tough and flexible with excellent adhesion properties, shear and flexural strength. Magna-Mite is “Humiture” tolerant. Magnamite displays substantial thermal and acoustic insulating properties. Magna-Mite is non toxic enviromentally friendly and considered safe for the environment by European standards. Magna-Mite is also chip, scuff, crack peel and blister resistant. Magna-Mite can be coated on to most surfaces such as asbestos, steel, cement, concrete, rocks, stone, tiles, slate, plaster most plastics etc. Magna-Mite can be used in conjunction with membranes where necessary. Magna-Mite is water based therefor equipment brushes etc. can be cleaned with ordinary water. Magna-Mite can also be thinned, if necessary, with small amounts of water.


  • Damp walls
  • Basements
  • Underground passages, tunnels and rooms
  • Bridges
  • Kennels
  • Floors
  • Decks
  • Board walks
  • Boats
  • Roofs
  • Lining irrigation pipes etc.

Surface preparation
The substrate should be clean, dry and stable.

1 to 2 square meters per liter depending on conditions.

Magna-Mite can be applied by brush, roller or spray applicators.

Most colours can be blended.

Magna-Mite in action