Price R1498.00. (Smaller packages add 50%) Coverage approx. 45 sq. meters for 1 coat (R40.00/m sq) and 25 square meters for 2 coats.(R60.00/ m sq) Excl. VAT and Delivery.



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Marbleine is a two component coating consisting of a blend of powders such as ceramics, marble, and other active ingredients in pack one. Pack two consists of a unique fluid resin compound. The two are mixed together in the ratio of 2 to 1, by mass (Two powders and one fluid) or 3 to two by volume (3 powders and 2 fluids) and then simply painted on with a brush or roller.

Marbleine is used for swimming pools, either as a first and final coating on newly plastered pools or as a decorative, protective and water proofing coating on old pools.

Marbleine can be coated over old Marblite, old painted pools, Glass fiber pools etc.

When new pools are constructed Marbleine can act as the finishing coat onto the shell of the pool without the necessity of plastering thereby saving considerable time and money.

Marbleine displays resistance to algae growth on its surface due to advanced chemical properties – a first of it`s kind.

Cosmo-Dec`s hi tech approach to it`s coating technology means we are always at the forefront when it comes to new innovative ideas.

Surface Preparation
The surface onto which Marbleine is to be applied must be free from loose dirt grime, algae, old paint, pool chemical residues etc. It must also be dry. DO NOT WASH SUBSTRATE WITH ACID.

Fill in, with a spatula or putty knife, any cracks, holes or blemishes with a paste made from Marbleine`s two components by adding more powder than for the painted coating (5 or 6 to one), allow to dry for a few hours then smooth over with sand paper for a professional finish.

Once the crack or hole fixing is complete, coat the pool, beginning at the deep end on the walls first working your way towards the steps using vertical roller or brush strokes. Once the walls have been completed start the floor at the deep end working your way to the steps again using brush or roller strokes in one direction. (Vertical) Wait a full day before repeating the entire procedure, this time applying the brush strokes at right angles to the direction of the first coat`s brush or roller strokes.

Mix only about 5 liters of Marbleine`s two components at a time. First add the fluid to a suitable mixing bucket then add the powders to the fluid whilst stirring. No lumps must be left. A hand held drill with a paddle does a fine job. The mixed components have a pot life of no more than an hour. Marbleine is miscible in water so brushes or equipment are washed in warm soapy water.

Messes are to be cleaned up immediately as the dry Marbleine has no solvent.

Wait a full day before letting water run into the pool.

Fill from the weir or let water from a hose fall into a bucket or on a metal plate and not directly onto the coating.

These pools being coated with Marbleine